Towanda High Class Of 1979 -Towanda, PA
Towanda Class Of 1979
Our 35th Year Reunion is scheduled for  2014!       This year our reunion is being done differently, Instead of a few of us girls spending months searching for everyone Andy Berdy is taking it on and doing it another way. Please feel free to download his pdf file for the class reunion HERE. 

One other note: Karla (Tewksbury) Spencer Bozoki and her husband have graciously offered their DJ services for the reunion, so bring your dancing shoes!

Our Facebook link is:

Class members are encouraged to submit ideas for interesting links or additional pages you would like added, and to submit any photos or  ideas that you think might be enjoyed by your friends and classmates for our upcoming reunion  or for the updated web site, Feel free to submit. by emailing me.

All spelling errors can be accredited to the hour of morning it is and my fine times of learning at THS, So please allow me to make mistakes.

All our graphics are copyright by  (me) class member Dee A. Reeves, I have spent numerous hours on them. They are intended "only"  for the Towanda High Class of 1979. Please do not email and ask to use them for other classes, As this only makes me feel bad. If I can help you in graphic design. I will try it all matters to my schedule. Graphics are very time consuming.  But please do not  take ours the Class of 1979. I will enforce my copyright law coverage to the fullest!

Please check our our website as I believe we have something nice to offer not only the class of 1979 but for those of you I hear from who sometimes miss good old Towanda and your old friends and families.

Grab a cup of your favorite brew and enjoy your visit here.
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